Steve Radick - sax/EWI/sound engineer

Steve Radick has been playing saxophone since 4th grade. He attended Cleveland High School in South St. Louis along with a number of other aspiring musicians such as Frank Goessler, Ray Vollmar (formerly with the smash band) and Jim Manley of Fantasy and Wild, Cool and Swingin’.
While in high school and later while attending the University of Missouri St. Louis as music majors, Frank Goessler and Steve worked together with a popular local group called Progress. During this same time, Steve worked in the pit orchestra at Six Flags over St. Louis playing sax, flute and clarinet.
After several years at UMSL Steve left for Boston, Ma. to attend Berklee College of Music. After returning from Boston, Steve went on the road with several regional bands such as The Skeletons, Getaway, and The Ron Furr Show. While spending 10 years on the road and having met his future wife Linda (the keyboard player with The Ron Furr Show), the decision was made to come back to St. Louis and settle down.
Shortly after coming back to St. Louis, the saxophone position became available with the Bob Kuban Band and Steve has been performing with Bob ever since.
In addition to working in the band, Steve has spent 27 years and counting working for AT&T.
Steve lives in St. Louis County with his wife Linda and two children, Mandy and Adam.
In addition to playing saxophone Steve also plays EWI (Electric Wind Instrument) with the band. The EWI is a digital synthesizer that is capable of emulating a variety of other instruments and sounds. He is also the band's live sound engineer.