with Nancy Wenger
A stirring account of the golden era of rock and roll, Bob Kuban tells what it was like to be a youth living the American teen deam - to have a band that made it onto Billboard's charts and to debut on network television with an appearance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.  Kuban's career take in more than forty years of captivating stories and experiences.  300+ pages, $18.95

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Reader Comments

"It is a wonderful history, valuable as a social history as well as a rock 'n' roll history"

"You have woven a tapestry of an era in Bob's side of the bandstand! . . .
those times just had the innocence and excitement of being part of "something" . . .

"One of the most interesting things about My Side Of The Bandstand is the conversational tone of the book . . . (you) feel as if you are in a conversation with Bob . . .

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" ... We played in the concert band and marching band.  He was the snare drummer.  I carried the big bass drum and my twin brother, Ron, played the cymbals ..."

"...He was the only teenager that I ever met who knew what he wanted to be when he was only seventeen or eighteen years old ..."

"... The Cheater falls into one of the great Top 40 music traditions,
which is the "Get Even" song ..."