'The Cheater' is a blue-eyed Northern Soul classic, courtesy of the superb lead vocal from one
Walter Notheis. For publicity purposes, Notheis renamed himself Sir Walter Scott, and in the late 60's drummer Bob Kuban,
Walter Scott and the rest of the In-Men were a hot pop band beyond the city limits of St. Louis, Missouri.
Their legacy--gathered on this fine CD--marks them out as one of the finest white soul bands of the era.

As early as January 1965, Kuban's crew were proving their credentials, with a debut single on NORMAN
('I Don't Want to Know') that outstripped the limitations of the song, and a follow-up that featured
a driving version of Bobby Bland's R&B favorite, 'Turn On Your Love Light.'
The success of 'The Cheater' prompted a Musicland USA album, which mixed R&B covers with original material
like the fine torch ballad, 'Try Me Baby.'

With help from Johnny Rabbit, Don Pietro' Monacco, at KXOK radio in St. Louis, The Cheater blasted its
way to the top of the charts on St. Louis' Sing-a-Long Survey, spending three weeks at #1 on Billboards,

St. Louis Top Sellers. It was then picked up for national and international distribution by NYC's Amy-Bell Records.

Dave Marsh writes in his book The Heart of Rock and Soul..."the strength of the record is a really good
brass arrangement, some nice drumming and guitar work, and especially its cautionary lyric,
'Look out for the Cheater - Make way for the fool hearted clown."

Internationally The Cheater hit #5 on Toronto's CHUM Hit Parade, and #7 in Australia. Bob Kuban and
the In-Men were booked for a nine week tour in Australia. They discovered leaving school or their jobs
could mean being drafted into the Viet Nam war.

Unable to tour, they did make an eight day trip to California in April of 1966. After an opening by the
Turtles and Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, the band played in San Francisco's Cow Palace. In Los
Angeles, they were joined on stage by Otis Redding at the Whiskey A Go Go. Bob Kuban and the In-Men
also appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, "Where the Action Is" and the soap opera Never Too Young.

The In-Men included John Michael Krenski (bass guitar), Gregory Hoeltzel (organ), Walter Scott (vocals),
Patrick Hickson (tenor sax and trumpet), Harry Simon (saxophone),
Paul Skip Weisser (trombone), and Emil Ray Schulte (lead guitar).

Returning to St. Louis, Bob Kuban and the In-Men were honored to play at the first Cardinal Baseball
game played at Busch Memorial Stadium in downtown St. Louis. They were featured in St. Louis' Famous
Muny Operas' production of Bye Bye Birdie, and appeared as regulars on The St. Louis Hop,
a local version of American Bandstand.

In May of 1966 they released their final national charter, a cover of Drive My Car about one month
before The Beatles version was available in the United States. Musicland U.S.A. writes, "Lennon and
McCartney's rocker has the big beat and Beatle like excitement to rush it up the charts."

For the 30th Anniversary of his top ten hit "The Cheater", Bob Kuban got some terrific news.
He's been included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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The Cheater 1966